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Sarah Lavinia began to play the drums when she was 15 years old.

The first five years she took lessons with Rob Kramer, a tutor on the music school of Cesar Zuiderwijk, one of Holland’s finest drummers.

In 2001 Sarah got accepted and went to the pop department of the conservatory in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


During her training on the conservatory, to become a professional drummer/musician, she took singing classes and studied percussion as well, to create a wide range of possibilities in the working field. On top of that, songwriting is also a skill she developed throughout the years. Sarah played in bands as Ginger, Johnny Stalker and The Crowd, Cropduster and many more.


Today Sarah is still the only female drummer who managed to accomplish her study as a professional drummer on the pop department of the Rotterdam conservatory under the leadership of Hans Eijkenaar and Juan van Emmerloot.


In order to keep moving forward and to learn as much as she can to become the best musician she can be, Sarah is always trying to develop her skills to the max, therefore after she finished her study, she went to California USA, to take lessons with Sheila E, Mark Schulman, Joe Porcaro, Chuck Silverman and Jim Chapin, and went to the LAMA and MI in Pasedena and Hollywood for a short period of time, and did an audition for STOMP on West-End, London.


The projects Sarah is involved in these days:



Sarah is a Drum instructor/coach for almost 10 years now.


Sarah Lavinia:

Sarah writes her own songs and is the lead vocalist and drummer of this project.



The “Drum3Days’’ is a Drum camp with professional tutors organized by Cesar Zuiderwijk( drummer of the Golden Earring) and De Slagwerkkrant (Dutch Drum magazine). Sarah is a solid member of this great team of tutors and gives drumming classes and bandcoaching-workshops.


Workshop brain training and physical exercise with rhythm:

Together with Cesar, sarah developed a new concept in order to keep the elderly fit and healthy physically and mentally. She will be active  and working with this concept during 2015.


The Smart: All-round cover band.


The State Sinners: a new Americana, Blues, Folk oriented band with singer/songwriter Elles Springs.


There are more projects to be announced soon! 
























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